5E3 “Tweed Deluxe”



Fat Jimmy Vintage Series 5E3

The Fat Jimmy Vintage Series 5E3 is our meticulous recreation of the famous 5E3 ‘Tweed Deluxe’ circuit. This circuit was featured in the 1 x 12” tweed ‘Deluxe’ amplifier combos manufactured by the ‘Fender Electric Instrument Company’ from 1957 – 1959, and is universally acknowledged as one of the greatest guitar amplifiers of all time. True both on stage and in the studio. Incredible chime with beautiful rich clean tones at lower volumes, and what might be considered the definitive rock & roll overdrive when turned up. Crank it all the way for godlike tone and sustain….

Enough said.

Power Rating

2 x 6V6 power tubes
1 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AY7 preamp tubes
5Y3 rectifier tube
2 channels
volume / volume / tone controls
Available in head or combo form
Combo features 1 x 12” Fat Jimmy speaker
Head features 4/8 ohm selector for use with different speaker configurations

Select Color: tolex / grille

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