Fat Jimmy C1270

Fat Jimmy ‘Vintage Series’ speakers:  Simply THE BEST current production speaker available! That’s a big claim and we do not make it lightly. These speakers were specifically voiced to pair with Fat Jimmy and vintage Fender amplifiers. The perfect replacement or upgrade for your vintage or modern Fender, or any other boutique or vintage amplifier!

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Now about the speakers…

Dean Birdsong at WGS worked with us to design the Fat Jimmy ‘Vintage Series’ speakers with the detail and clarity found in the Jensen Special Design speakers of the late 50’s and early 60’s in mind, but they are NOT clones nor are they intended to be. They were designed to bring out the subtle nuances, articulate response and full, rich, 3D ‘swirling’ sound of those classic speakers, but with some modern tweaks to enhance performance.  And we nailed it.  

Not only do these speakers sound incredible, they look great too! And let’s face it, when you’re dealing with your vintage amplifier, looks are important!


NOTE: The names of these speakers tell you the size, magnet type and power rating!  

Speaker Name = Magnet type / Size / Power Rating

C = Ceramic

A = AlNiCo

First Number = Inches (speaker diameter)

Second Number = Power Rating

For example the C1270 is a ceramic magnet, 12″ speaker rated at 70W

C825: The best sounding 8″ speaker we’ve EVER heard! NO JOKE!! This 8″ speaker will breathe new life into your classic tweed champ, or bring your Blackface or Silverface Champ up to another whole realm of Tonal Nirvana! This speaker is remarkably rich, detailed and 3D sounding, with a full, punchy low end that you won’t believe can come from an 8″ speaker. Full spectrum sonic bliss. You will be blown away by the sound this 8″ speaker can deliver. You won’t believe your champ could ever sound this good, and you very well might kick yourself for waiting this long to find out!  Rated for 25w, efficiency > 95dB.

A825: This speaker is literally a perfect AlNiCO rendition of the above C825, getting all of the incredible sonic qualities the C825 delivers as well as offering the incredible chime and compression that AlNiCo speakers are famous for! Rated at 25w, > 95dB. 

C1025: Our favorite 10″ speaker. Rated at 25 watts, this 10″ speaker has a certain magical quality to it. SO well balanced… it delivers everything you could want in a 10″ speaker – punchy lows, richly textured mids, and smooth, round highs. As a single speaker it adds just the right amount of speaker breakup to your sound when pushed, without losing the tight ‘clean’ characteristics you need for optimal performance, even at higher volumes. This speaker has the smoothest, creamiest overdrive characteristics of any speaker in the FJVS lineup (which is saying quite a bit). An incredible upgrade for a Princeton Reverb or any vintage Fender with 1 x 10″ speaker! Highly recommended as a full replacement set in any 4 x 10″ combo such as a Super Reverb or Tweed Bassman, or any 2 x 10″ combo such as a Vibrolux Reverb, Brown Super, Tweed Super, etc. MAGIC in Tweed circuits and absolutely GLORIOUS in a Princeton Reverb! This speaker will also help your 4 x 10″ or 2 x 10″ combo shed some serious weight!  Rated for 25w, efficiency < 95dB. 3 lbs.

C1060: This is an excellent speaker if you are looking for more volume and headroom from your Princeton Reverb, Vibrolux Reverb, or any 10″ speaker situation. This is a cleaner, more efficient speaker than the C1025. While not as creamy for low volume overdrive as the C1025, this speaker delivers more volume than you might expect from a 10″ speaker. If you just need ‘more’ from your Princeton Reverb, this is the speaker for you. We also love the combination of pairing the C1025 and the C1060 in the Vibrolux Reverb and Super Reverb. These two speakers work remarkably well together in these two particular circuits. You get the best of both worlds – the smooth texture and creaminess of the C1025 combined with the punch, headroom and clarity of the C1060!  Rated for 60w, efficiency @96dB.  7 lbs.  

C1225: The Fat Jimmy Vintage Series C1225 in an excellent choice for LOW POWERED 12″ speaker applications. Full and rich, this speaker delivers the same creamy overdrive as the C1025. Perfect for reducing the volume and headroom in a Tweed Deluxe intended for studio or practice use, or for a Princeton Reverb with a 12″ speaker. Also an excellent choice for any 12″ speaker application where the qualities of a lower powered speaker are desired: reduced volume, less headroom, creamier overdrive, and adding speaker distortion into the mix.  Rated for 25w. Personally I DO NOT recommend this speaker in 22w amps such as a Deluxe Reverb… you are ‘cutting it too close’ with the power rating/max handling and the low end will not hold up in amps like this if you push it.

C1270: Our favourite 12″ speaker overall! The Fat Jimmy Vintage Series C1270 is incredibly versatile and the perfect upgrade for your Deluxe Reverb or any 1 x 12″ or 2 x 12″ combo, such as the Blackface or Silverface Twin Reverb, Pro Reverb, Brownface Twin, Tweed Twin, Bassman 2 x12 cab, Bandmaster 2 x 12 cab, etc etc! This remarkable speaker personifies the perfect balance of volume and headroom, while truly allowing the rich natural tube overdrive of your amplifier to be heard and properly represented! This speaker will launch your Deluxe Reverb head first into the full on professional gigging arena, while also providing the subtle detail and articulate response required for lower volume practice and studio recording situations. Two of these in a Pro or Twin Reverb will deliver the punch, clarity and headroom you need and expect from a 2 x 12″ Fender, while also delivering a warmth, richness, and 3D sound unmatched by any new production speaker available today. TIGHT, punchy low end; rich, detailed mids; and a very clear yet smooth and warm high end! Perfect in ANY 12″ speaker application!  Rated for 70w (but works remarkably well even on lower power applications), efficiency @ 96dB.  9 lbs. 

A1260: This speaker shares many of the sonic qualities of the C1270, but delivers that vintage AlNiCo sound! If you’re an AlNiCo fan, this speaker is for you. AlNiCo speakers have a different ‘texture’ than ceramic speakers. They have a certain sonic quality when pushed – a certain compression and detail that is differnt from a ceramic speaker (you AlNiCo conniseurs know what I’m talking about). These speakers pair incredibly well with vintage Tweed circuits – pure magic in a vintage tweed Deluxe or tweed Twin! While these speaker sound amazing in any Deluxe Reverb or 5E3 Tweed Deluxe, they truly do something truly magical in the older Tweed Deluxe circuits like the 5B3, 5C3, and 5D3… These speakers also blend *perfectly* with a ceramic C1270 in 2 x 12″ combos – another case where ‘one of each’ gives you the best of both worlds!!  Rated for 60w, efficiency @97dB.  10 lbs.  

A1270UK: Introducing our ‘British AlNiCo’!  We understand that the ‘British Sound’ with more midrange emphasis is often desired by owners of vintage amplifiers, while still maintaining the classic chime Fenders are famous for.  Pair this with a solid, punchy low end that doesn’t ‘flub out’ and you have an amazing speaker recipe.  10 lbs.  

This is our answer to the very excellent AlNiCo Gold speaker made by a top British speaker manufacturer.  We took the time to directly compare our A1270UK to several real Gold AlNiCo 12’s, and after a few tweaks we nailed the sound!  Same components used throughout (same voice coil, cone, big fabric dust cap, doping level etc) but with a classy silver powder coating as a nod to the vintage speakers from this famous British manufacturer.  And to top it off, we are charging about $100 less per speaker!!  

C1270UK: This is our ceramic version of the classic British 12″ speaker.  You can take what we describe above and apply it to this ceramic version of these classic 12s.  Dean at WGS also had some special cones made to replicate the cones found on the vintage C’s of the late 60s and early 70’s, and the sound is remarkably reminiscent of those vintage British classics. 9 lbs.  

Click the below link to buy today!! You will be re-directed to VintageFenderAmpRepair.com to complete your purchase.

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