Mission & Vision

At Fat Jimmy Amplifiers, we are dedicated to one thing.  Building the best sounding, highest quality, hand-wired boutique amplifiers possible.  Period.  Fat Jimmy amplifiers are built in the true vintage style; a tribute to the great circuit designers and builders from the golden age of the 50’s and 60’s.  We see amplifier building as a true art form, and our amplifiers are built one at a time, by hand, paying close attention to detail.  Neatness, layout, proper lead dress, and capacitor outside foil orientation are of paramount importance.

Fat Jimmy Custom Circuit Board


We use an assortment of NOS, vintage and modern components in our builds; each part specifically selected for its tone and performance in that specific location in the circuit.  NOS Allen Bradley carbon comp resistors are standard fare, right alongside Blue Molded, Mullard Mustard, Paper/Oil and Jupiter Condenser capacitors (to name a few).  No two amps are exactly alike, and in each one you will find an assortment of new and vintage components best suited for each particular build.

While we pay tribute to the vintage amplifier in tone and performance, we have made many improvements for superior reliability and stability to meet the demands of the modern musician in the modern age.

Sparkling, shimmering cleans; tight, punchy lows; textured, detailed mids; round, musical highs; rich, creamy overdrive; and warm, almost intuitive response are qualities inherent in every Fat Jimmy Amplifier.

As a gigging and touring musician, I have designed Fat Jimmy amplifiers to meet my own stage & studio needs as well as the rigorous demands of the musician on the road today.

We’re not trying to re-invent the wheel here.  We’re out to make the best damn ‘wheel’ you’ve ever heard!