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Bass Odyssey 100

Fat Jimmy is proud to offer the new Bass Odyssey 100.

This all tube 100w bass rig delivers much, much more than one would expect from a 100 watt bass head!  This is NOT your common Fender circuit as found in many ’boutique’ tube heads on the market.

This bass amp played into our 2 x 15″ cab delivers plenty of power even on larger outdoor festival stages.

Field tested and approved by professionals such as Dave Schools, Andy Hess, Pete Sears, Reggie Stanlan (Radiators), Paul Ill (Disreputable Few), Jeff Hill (Chris Robinson Brotherhood).

There is a ‘fatness’, warmth and clarity to this amp that is unmatched by any other bass rig on the market.  The low end is BIG, fat and punchy without being muddy.  The higher notes sing, sustain and blossom in a way that has surprised and pleased even the most seasoned players!   The Bass Odyssey 100 delivers remarkably deep and rich texture overall…  a very fitting word (and often used by players when describing the amp) is ROUND.

Simplicity is highly regarded by players who appreciate superior tone.  The Bass Odyssey 100 is no exception.  Treble, Mid, Bass and Presence controls allow you to quickly and easily dial in the tone to suit your instrument and playing style.  Our subtle and useful bright switch adds just a touch of upper end clarity.  The interaction of the Gain and Volume controls lets you to get just the right amount of ‘growl’.  And our unique ‘boost’ switch changes the entire character of the amp!  It adds a whole lot of growl and gain with one click – a surprisingly aggressive change in tone and amazing for capturing that elusive ‘classic rock’ character lacking in so many bass amps these days.  We often refer to it as the ‘Chris Squire’ switch!

Features include an XLR out with it’s own step-down transformer that eliminates the need for a DI in front of the amplifier!!  We tap the signal from the speaker out and drop it down to mic or line level (adjustable output).  This way the front of house gets the same sweet tone POST TUBES that is being delivered to your speakers!

We also have a selectable 2/4/8 ohm output and two output jacks for use with a wide selection of speaker configurations.


“…many thanks to Mike Pascale for the use of his amazing Fat Jimmy Bass Odyssey 100 bass amp… the most impressive bass amp I’ve played in a long time… super low fat bottom w/ lots of punch…and!, for the most demanding players, it goes to ’11’!  I never got past ‘4’… ’11’ probably would have collapsed the building…”  -Reggie Scanlan of The Radiators.

Reggie Scanlan of The Radiators on the Bass Odyssey 100



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