Vintage Series

Fat Jimmy ‘Vintage Series’ Amplifiers

The Fat Jimmy ‘Vintage Series’ takes the classic amplifiers of the American golden age and reproduces these time tested circuits to our exacting specifications in a modern amplifier build!  We draw upon the experience gained from years spent servicing and blueprinting these classic vintage Fender amplifiers. We then apply what we have learned to improve layout, lead dress and component selection. The result is an amplifier that not only nails the sound, feel and vibe of the original, but often surpasses it.  How is this possible?  When the “holy grail” amplifiers would come through my Vintage Fender Amp Repair shop, I would analyze and measure every component in those rare and incredible specimens. I started to recognize patterns of component drift, operating parameters and circuit balance that would manifest as “the best sounding amp ever”.   I apply this knowledge to our Vintage Series circuit replicas.

We use only the best vintage style paper wound transformers, made to exacting vintage specs on the same machines used by Schumacher to make the classic Fender transformers of the 60s & 70s!  A quick side note: those Schumachers are the same transformers found in many original Dumble amplifiers, if that counts for anything 😉

Fat Jimmy is proud to offer variations of the most famous and sought after classic vintage amplifiers, making them more versatile and much more reliable for the modern gigging and recording musician. For example, a blueprinted 5E3 tweed Deluxe or 5F6-A tweed Bassman circuit available in head form with multiple output taps to give you access to different speaker options and combinations, right at your fingertips!  We also offer ‘front panel’ versions of these classic circuits in combo form, adapting to the needs of the modern player. Back in the 40s & 50s the classic tweed amps were designed with rear facing controls easily accessible from the back of the amplifier, but difficult to use from the front. This was to accommodate for the fact that PA systems for bands did not exist, and the ‘standard’ was to put the amplifier in front of the musicians! This acted as both a PA for the audience and a monitor for the band! In today’s live performance world, having controls on the front panel of an amplifier is an invaluable feature.

We can build a reproduction of almost ANY vintage Fender circuit in head or combo form! From the classic tweed circuits of the 50s, to the blonde & brown circuits of the early 60s, to the classic blackface circuits of the mid 60s. We offer popular versions as regular production models, but can build you any circuit by special request. Been dying for a 6G6-B blonde Bassman head? We can build it for you! Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries you might have! We’d be happy to work with you to build you the ‘vintage’ amp of your dreams!

Fat Jimmy ‘Vintage Series’ 5E3 ‘Tweed Deluxe’

Fat Jimmy ‘Vintage Series 5F6-A ‘Tweed Bassman’