Tone Box

Fat Jimmy Tone Box

The Fat Jimmy Tone Box represents the evolution of the iconic Fender style class A single ended 6V6 6w circuits (think Tweed Champ and Tweed Princeton)… but this is no Fender clone!  We started by combining our favorite features from two very different tweed Princeton circuits (5F2 and 5F2-A), voiced and tweaked to our liking, and then added some tasty Fat Jimmy features like the ‘Jimmy’ (NFB) control.  The result is an absolutely incredible low powered amplifier, unrivaled by any other in its class.

After extensive A/B comparisons, we upgraded to a single custom Fat Jimmy C1025 10” speaker (instead of the traditional 8” used in these amps).  The 10” speaker delivers a tremendous amount of depth and clarity, and brings this amp to another level.

Three inputs give you three different gain options.  You get the standard ‘Fender style’ inputs (one ‘hot’, one not, inputs 2 & 3), and then an additional input (#1) that’s even hotter!  The natural overdrive capabilities of this amplifier are nothing short of remarkable.

The Fat Jimmy Tone Box is extremely touch sensitive and responsive, and embodies the definition of single ended ‘touch response’ and ‘note blossom’.  The clean tones are big, bold, rich and beautiful. The overdrive is sweet and creamy with an almost ‘chewy’ texture.

The ‘Jimmy’ control is incredibly interactive, giving you bold, clean tones when turned down, and almost acting like an overdrive/gain control as you turn it up!   

Loaded with rich harmonic overtones, smooth singing highs, and a tight punchy bottom end, the Fat Jimmy Tone Box delivers everything you could ever want in a small 6w package (and then some)!  Like all Fat Jimmy amplifiers, the Tone Box takes pedals incredibly well.

Power Rating
6 Watts

Single Channel
THREE Inputs: Hot/Hi/Lo

Single-ended Class A circuit
1 x 6V6 power tube, 12AX7 preamp
5Y3 Tube Rectified
Volume, Tone, Jimmy controls
Front panel standby/power switches
Select vintage parts and measured components
1 x 10” Fat Jimmy Vintage Series C1025 speaker
8 ohm output
Cab dims: 17 x 15 x 7.5
Optional Accessories include: Quilted slip cover