Fat Jimmy FAT JAC15

The Fat Jimmy Fat JAC15 is my take on the classic vintage VOX AC15 circuits.  When researching these classic amps, I noticed that the schematics changed significantly from circuit to circuit, especially in the early years.  I noticed what stayed the same and what changed… and as a result discovered what defines that ‘classic’ VOX tone.  I took these consistencies, and then added my own flavors and preferences to the circuit.  The result is an incredible 15w EL84 amplifier that truly captures the VOX style sound – and gives you a lot more.

The ‘Jimmy’ control really shines on this amp.  Turn the ‘Jimmy’ down and you to get more headroom and cleaner tones than any stock AC15.  Crank the Jimmy up and you’re right back in vintage VOX territory with absolutely incredible overdrive!  This amp delivers the unique and classic sound of EL84 power tubes, both clean and overdriven… Vox fans and EL84 players know there is nothing quite like the sound of overdrive from that comes from pushing EL84 power tubes (think Brian May of Queen)…

The FAT JAC15 was the amp that started the Fat Jimmy collaboration with Mr. Bob Weir.  We put the FAT JAC15 up against a hand wired AC30 at Bob’s TRI Studio… the rest is history.

Available in Black/Oxblood or Blonde/Oxblood (saddle as pictured no longer in production)

PLEASE NOTE current production models have a ‘Jimmy Knob’ as opposed to a switch as pictured!


2 x EL84 power tubes

12AX7 OR 12AT7 phase inverter for more or less gain – 12AX7 stock.

12AX7 preamp

5Y3 rectifier tube

Volume, Treble, Bass, Chime, Jimmy, Master Volume, bright switch

4/8/16 ohm selectable output

Head cab dims: 17.7″ wide x 8″ tall x 8.5″ deep