Gigmaster 30


Fat Jimmy Gigmaster 30

Designed for mobility with the gigging musician in mind, the Fat Jimmy Gigmaster is the ultimate “grab & go” combo amplifier!  A single channel amplifier with a 12″ Fat Jimmy Vintage Series C1270 speaker, the Gigmaster can easily hold its own on any stage.

The Gigmaster is one of Fat Jimmy’s signature circuits, which can be said to be a mix between the classic tweed, brownface and blackface circuits in tone, response, feel and performance.   It has a very rich and musical “open” 3D sound, with beautiful chime and remarkably smooth clean tones.  Push it hard for that smooth, rich, and creamy overdrive that only comes from a hand wired tube circuit.   The Gigmaster is extremely touch sensitive and responsive to the subtle dynamic nuances of your playing.  It captures that ‘Honey Drip’ feel that is often elusive and difficult to achieve in amplifiers over 12w.   

The Gigmaster features a bright switch, which we find very handy!  Our bright switch is much more subtle than most, which makes it remarkably versatile and a very welcome feature.  The ‘Jimmy’ knob is a Negative Feedback Control, which allows you to dial in the feel, ‘rawness’ and breakup point of the amp.  

Other features include classic tube driven spring reverb and bias modulating tremolo.  Our bias modulating tremolo has a very rich, organic feel.   Like all Fat Jimmy amplifiers, we use a combination of NOS, vintage, and modern components to give you the best possible tone and performance!   We proudly use Jupiter ‘Vintage Tone’ series signal caps.  These are, by far, the best modern production caps available, made in the true vintage style!  They really nail the classic vintage sound.  

Power Rating

Single Channel
Dual Inputs
2 x 6L6 power tubes 
1 x 12AT7, 3 x 12AX7
Tube Rectified (5AR4)
Volume, Bright sw, Treble, Bass, Reverb, Speed, Depth & Jimmy controls
Front panel standby switch
NOS vintage components in key locations
1 x 12” Fat Jimmy Vintage Series C1270 speaker (ceramic standard – AlNiCo A1260 available with up charge)
8 ohm output
Combo cab dims: 20″ Wide x 16.5″ High x 9.5″ Deep

Optional accessories include: Rev/Vib Footswitch, Quilted slip cover