Tone Machine





Fat Jimmy Tone Machine

THE classic single ended class A tube amp.  Not only is this is an incredible studio/practice amp, but the Fat Jimmy Tone Machine can hang on stage in a full band situation!  Single ended class A tube amps are known for their incredibly rich harmonic content and unrivaled touch sensitivity.  Loosely based on the famous tweed Princeton 5F2-A circuit, (basically a tweed champ with a tone control), the Tone Machine features a single volume, tone, and Jimmy control.  The Jimmy control acts as a combination presence/gain in this circuit.  Turn it down for classic, rich, sparkly clean sound.  Crank it up for some serious power tube overdrive!  The Tone Machine is capable of operating with a single 6V6 OR 6L6 power tube, delivering approximately 10 – 15 watts (depending on choice of power tube).  Yes, a single ended 12-15W amp!!  Features a single Fat Jimmy Vintage Series C1270 12” speaker.  This 12” speaker makes it the ultimate low powered gigging amplifier. 

Power Rating
12 – 15 watts

Single Channel
Class A
Cathode biased
1 x 6L6 (standard – option of 6V6), 1 x 12AX7, 1 x 5Y3
Volume, Tone, Jimmy controls
Front panel standby and power switch
Selected vintage parts and measured components
Fat Jimmy Vintage Series C1270 12″ ceramic speaker (AlNiCo upgrade available)
8 ohm output
Combo cab dims: 20″ wide x 16.5″ tall x  9.5″ deep

AVAILABLE in Black/Oxblood or Blonde/Oxblood