Tone Machine




Fat Jimmy Tone Machine

THE classic single ended class A tube amp.  Not only is this is an incredible studio/practice amp, but the Fat Jimmy Tone Machine can hang on stage in a full band situation!  Single ended class A tube amps are known for their incredibly rich harmonic content and unrivaled touch sensitivity.  Based on the famous tweed Princeton 5F2 & 5F2-A circuit, (basically a tweed champ with a tone control), the Tone Machine features a single volume, tone, and Jimmy control.  The Jimmy control acts as a combination presence/gain in this circuit.  Turn it down for classic, rich, sparkly clean sound.  Crank it up for some serious power tube overdrive! 

The Tone Machine is capable of operating with a single 6V6 OR 6L6 power tube, delivering approximately 7 – 12 watts (depending on choice of power tube).   The single ended 6L6 is a very unique and cool sound, and the Tone Machine comes with a 6L6 standard (unless otherwise requested).  

Features a single Fat Jimmy Vintage Series C1270 12” speaker.  The 12” speaker makes it the ultimate low powered gigging amplifier, capable of easily hanging in a full band mix.  The larger cab (size of a Princeton Reverb – large compared to your typical ‘Champ’ sized cab for single ended amps) adds to the fullness of sound.  Upgrade to an AlNiCO A1260 for even more authentic tweed tone!  

Power Rating
7 – 12 watts

Single Channel
Class A
Cathode biased
1 x 6L6 (standard – option of 6V6), 1 x 12AX7, 1 x 5Y3
Volume, Tone, Jimmy controls
Front panel standby and power switch
Selected vintage parts and measured components
Fat Jimmy Vintage Series C1270 12″ ceramic speaker (AlNiCo upgrade available)
8 ohm output
Combo cab dims: 20″ wide x 16.5″ tall x  9.5″ deep

AVAILABLE in Black/Oxblood or Blonde/Oxblood.  (Brown no Longer available).