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After years of production, the need to go through the shop and list amps that have been waiting for the right home has been put off for too long! Trade ins, personal models etc etc…. ! We are currently quoting a 2-3 month lead time for new orders. These amps are available NOW, no wait, first come first serve! Check back regularly for new listings.
email info@fatjimmyamps.com

At this point, most previous ‘one off’ models can be made via custom order…

AVIONIC w/ 112 ext cab (loaded w/ C1270):

$3200. Full Avionic setup w/ 1×12 speaker . This is in brand new condition in the showroom at Destroy All Guitars, and will ship directly from them!

SOLD: Jimmy James head (black, oxblood):

$2599, brand new, no wait! From a customer who ordered ‘too much amp’ and needed to scale down to a lower powered model.

SOLD: 6G3 “Brown Deluxe”

This is a faithful recreation of the famous ‘Brown Deluxe’ 6G3 circuit from the early 60s. It’s got a unique preamp not found in any other Fender model, which gives this amp absolutely incredible overdrive characteristics.

It breaks up earlier than is ‘typical’ with other Fender models, and has an incredibly smooth, sweet and creamy overdrive sound at approx 18w.
If you’re looking for iconic blues and rock crunch and overdrive from an amp and not a pedal, this amp may be the answer to your prayers!
I would not recommend the 6G3 if you’re looking for maximum ‘clean headroom’ at a specific power level. But if you want to get anything from that Stones style ‘clean and dirty at the same time’ rhythm to full on ZZ top style saturation at rehearsal and small club volumes, look no further.
Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top was known to play two of these cranked on stage to get his signature tone for years to give you an idea of what we’re talking about!
This amp evolved from the 5E3 Tweed Deluxe, and certainly has some similar characteristics, such as two separate, ‘jumpable’ channels with just a Volume and Tone control each. But it’s also got a beautiful bias modulating tremolo circuit along with a fixed bias circuit (made adjustable as an upgrade) and higher gain phase inverter which brings it into a ‘stronger’ realm amp wise. These ‘changes’ to the 5E3 circuit all balance quite well with the unique 6G3 preamp and contribute to giving this amp its unique voice and signature overdrive.
We also included both RCA and 1/4″ jacks on the back panel to accommodate any standard single on/off grounding footswitch to control the tremolo!

This build is loaded with many NOS components in key places. Allen Bradley carbon comps in certain locations are an absolutely vital part of true ‘vintage Fender tone’. Jupiter rolled mylar/foil caps bring you even closer to that glorious and often elusive sonic arena. And a Fat Jimmy AlNiCo A1260 speaker is the icing on the cake.
This amp is housed in a 1×12 cab the size of a Princeton Reverb, and an added standby switch on the front gives the player extra convenience.

I’ve posted some pics of the circuit to give you an idea of the build quality that is virtually unrivaled in the ’boutique’ amp world. Everything in a build contributes to the overall sound of an amplifier. And while some folks might say we’re ‘splitting hairs’ in many cases, I can assure you that those ‘hairs’ all add up to a full head!

Brand new!!!



At approx 15w this is a small gig dream amp! When a Deluxe Reverb is too much but a Princeton Reverb is not enough… Also perfect for home/studio use! Pure tone with no effects… Volume, bright switch, Treble, Middle, Bass, Jimmy and Master Volume controls provide incredible versatility regarding the headroom vs. breakup point. It’s also an incredible pedal platform. Option of 5Y3, 5V4 or 5AR4 rectifier tubes provide further versatility regarding power level. 5AR4 recommended for max headroom, 5Y3 for earliest breakup. 2 x 6V6 power tubes.
1×12″ Fat Jimmy A1260 AlNiCo speaker currently installed and a perfect match imo. (We’d be happy to replace this AlNiCo with a ceramic C1270 and reduce the price by $149 if desired)! BRAND NEW!!