Fat Jimmy speakers are our very own exclusive, custom speakers, built to exacting specs by our friends at WGS. Reputation is everything and word of mouth has been the best advertising we could ask for (along with a plethora of fantastic forum reviews!). Fat Jimmy speakers are not only one of the ‘secret ingredients’ in Fat Jimmy Amplifiers, but they sound amazing in ANY amp! They bring any vintage, boutique, or modern amp up to another level!

All Fat Jimmy speakers have a very real and incredible sense of depth, space, and dimension – a very rich and almost indescribable ‘3D’ sound and feeling. Many players report ‘forgetting’ when they are playing without reverb!!

Fat Jimmy speakers are available for sale exclusively at Mike’s other website VintageFenderAmpRepair.com

We have a growing line of speakers that nail the both classic American and British sounds….

Feel free to reach out with any questions at all and ENJOY!! Cheers!!